Designs That Reflect Your Style

“TUĞRA MOBİLYA” was founded as a small workshop in 1998 by “Hasan ARSLANPİR”, a furniture master.

It has managed to make many people adopt the name "TUĞRA FURNITURE" with its understanding of quality service in line with the demands and needs of its customers. He showed an innovative approach by constantly changing and improving his work.

Since its establishment, it has managed to make a name for itself in many places with its pioneering identity, forward-looking vision, product diversity and reliability.


Our Understanding
of Quality

  • 01.

    Special Design Team for You

  • 02.

    Special Production for Your Style

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    Perfect Assembly

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    Best Staff

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    Tugra Furniture Warranty

Tuğra Mobilya's Journey

By closely following the innovations in our industry, we offer quality and original designs for our customers.