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Tugra Furniture Quality

By closely following the innovations in our industry, we offer quality and original designs for our customers.


In Your Home, Office and All Living Spaces Details That Make You Feel Special

TUĞRA FURNITURE was founded as a small workshop in 1998 by "Hasan ARSLANPİR", a furniture master. The quality of production, which started with a few personnel and simple machines, was combined with today's most up-to-date technology and carried into the future, and the foundations of TUĞRA FURNITURE were laid.

Brand reliability was achieved by prioritizing customer satisfaction with its determination, courage and designs. It has managed to make many people adopt the name "TUĞRA FURNITURE" with its understanding of quality service in line with the demands and needs of its customers.



Sections of companies whose dreams and living spaces we touched. You can examine it in more detail on the Projects page.